As part of Vale Commons Council’s aim to reach out to Islanders who are interested in the Commons and their future wellbeing.

The Friends Association offers a forum for like-minded people who would find it challenging and rewarding to share a closer and better-informed understanding of the Commons, with the opportunity to participate in arranging events or activities concerning the Commons.

The “Friends” are autonomous and independent of the Council, with a constitution which the members themselves have drawn up in consultation with the Council.  The Council will expect to work closely with the Friends.

The “Friends” may suggest various initiatives to the Council, organise events and become generally involved with the Commons as a body.  At present, the Habitants of the Clos du Valle have an historical involvement with the Commons which does not extend to other Islanders or, indeed, visitors, many of whom have a real love of the Commons.

The "Friends" is open to anyone and application to join can be emailed